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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“If your ears glowed every time you and your garden design are complimented, you’d be a perpetual bright pink. From every window and angle, your design is glorious — we are delighted and thrilled with this beautiful, very peaceful space. It was such a pleasure working with you, as you dreamt up this design and then brought it to life.”

~ Suzanne and David L., Lexington

After hearing Christie’s lecture, I want to redo all of my gardens! You have a beautiful design eye. Thank you for sharing what you see.”

~Class Participant

“Looking out our kitchen window is like looking at an ever-changing work of art. Christie’s attention to detail was superb, and the final execution shows her talent.”

~ Carolyn P., Brookline

“I must stop in my workday to appreciate Terry and the crew for again making my garden even more beautiful and delightful for me. In addition, kudos to you for selecting a staff that is not only competent but also personable, knowledgeable, and very client-focused! My gratitude to the Boston Globe for featuring your personal garden (and therefore leading me to you) continues to grow!”

~Ruth H., Newton

“Christie Dustman’s team comes early in the morning to work their handicraft on my trees and shrubs. When they are done, my plantings look more alive, more colorful, and more healthy. They are trimmed yet still maintain a natural look.”

~ Loren C. R., Brookline

“Everything was lovely and everyone RAVED about my garden. Even the real ‘tough customers’ were audibly impressed. Really, everyone loved how it looked and felt; the pergola was a HUGE hit. Once again, I could not be happier. Everything was beautiful.”

~ Abbie C., Newton

“I love my new garden! I think it is exquisite, and the new maple tree is a beauty. I love its little star-shaped leaves, and I love looking down out my bedroom window at it. It was amazing to come home from work and find such a lovely little dream garden in front of my house. Thank you!”

~ Marcia F., Back Bay, Boston

“Our Back Bay garden had an overabundance of specimen plantings, beautiful but extremely crowded. Christie was able to cull and prune the garden with clear-eyed expertise, never losing sight of simplifying the garden, and enhancing the view of the building that it graced.”

~ Kathleen Lehmann, Boston

Assistant to the Headmaster, Commonwealth School

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