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Tales from a New Gardener

Contributed by Curtis Hawley Have you ever had the opportunity to learn something new and you begin to realize more and more that you’re just at the beginning of a long, rewarding path? Isn’t it exciting? As the newest member of Christie Dustman & Co., I’ve had...

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When Irish Gardens are Smiling

Ireland - what a country! An island with moderating temperatures, long daylight in the summer and plentiful rain. Colors are sharper and greens are greener. Having just spent two weeks on a garden tour on the southern coast of this small island (170 miles x 300...

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Not Your Average Screening Solution

This past spring we were asked to design the impossible:  create a visual screen along the property line that was tall, narrow, wouldn’t block the sun and wasn’t a fence.  Hmmmm …    A row of tall evergreens or a tree was nixed due to the added shade and depth of...

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A Room with a View

It’s not just a phrase limited to travel destinations or books anymore. And why should it be? We all have indoor windows that seize our attention – like over the kitchen sink or across the dining table. With thoughtful design and intentional plant selection, your view...

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Over the past 10 years outdoor trends have shifted from preening sprawling lawns to now providing habitats for wildlife, reducing turf, and using native plants in the gardens.  Christie Dustman & Company has been growing gardens for 16 years and has witnessed many...

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Beat the heat – plant a tree

Summer is almost here.  Summer means vacation and a chance to beat the heat in the city.  Perhaps we head out to the beach, the mountains or a walk in the woods.  Somewhere cooler.  When we picture comfortable summer temperatures, we seldom think of heading into the...

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Create A Garden That Feels Like Home

We want you to fall in love with your landscape. And we’ll work with you to make that dream a reality.

We translate your wants, needs and vision into a practical and aesthetically pleasing landscape. By carefully listening, examining your landscape and bringing ingenuity to the drafting table, you’ll experience an “ah-ha, that’s it!” moment.

Let's create a garden that feels like home.



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