2015-12-30 blog pix2The Stormwatch is BACK!  Yes, this week, finally some slushy, mushy snow fell and I can officially declare landscaping season over.

For me, this recent should-have-been winter season was like a baby refusing to take a nap.  You rock that baby, you do bouncy bounce squats, you sing softly and no go, the baby screams and is a warm humid squiggle.  But today, the baby finally gets to take a nap.  The world of gardening beds down and I get a rest.  The finality of SNOW and COLD concludes the seemingly endless feats of the landscaping year.  Once there is cold and snow, it is a built-in finale – hey, what can you do? – it’s winter out there.

With the refusal of winter to alight this year, we all kept working.  We worked past our usual “end” dates and I was still consulting and answering questions and building patios right through Christmas.   While I love the action, I also long for the ying to my year long yang.  The rest after the work, the peace in my mind after the demanding creativity and simply some time to catch up on things.

Don’t get me wrong – I love landscaping as much as eating mint brownies and I love plants as much or more than some of my family – but I am ready for a rest.  Feel free to stop thinking about your garden for a month too.

See you in January  ~Christie

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