9-18-14 screening solution 1This past spring we were asked to design the impossible:  create a visual screen along the property line that was tall, narrow, wouldn’t block the sun and wasn’t a fence.  Hmmmm …    A row of tall evergreens or a tree was nixed due to the added shade and depth of planting bed it would occupy.  What else could do the job?

In short order Christie had the idea to create a series of sculptural  lattice “trees” that would obfuscate the view into the neighbor’s property and be used to showcase the client’s clematis vines.  What seemed like a straight forward idea quickly grew in complexity when Allan Robinson had to make the idea structurally sound.  The lattice panels were reinforced with stainless steel rods to allow us to hang them unconventionally, on one side;  red cedar fence posts had to be sourced so the lattice panels and posts would weather evenly; and an experienced cabinet maker developed a custom jig to mount the panels to the posts.  Working long hours and into the dusk, we conscripted extended family members and hustled to beat the clock, as the garden was to be featured in a National Garden Tour in two days’ time.

Sometimes an idea is just too good to pass up.  By collaborating with the homeowners, who had a strong sense of what they wanted; with multiple vendors (including www.latticestix.com) and with multiple designers in our office, we were able to leverage the strength of many talented individuals and accomplish something unique and wonderful.

What problem do you need solved? Let us collaborate with you on your landscape project, and offer our expert landscape lighting design services to enhance the beauty of your property even at night.

9-18-14 screening solution 2

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