Step Two – Landscape Planning and Design

Step One – Design Consultation

Step Two –  Design Plan

Step Three –  Installation

Step Four –  Maintenance

We promise you an “Aha!” moment as we work together to design a landscape plan for your outdoor space. Through careful listening and a combination of skill and ingenuity at the drafting table, we translate our initial conversation and ideas into a practical, unique, and aesthetically beautiful design.

The Master Plan often includes:

● Existing conditions and removals
● Layout Plan labeled with all materials
● Grading and water management plan
● Spot grades for egresses and all parts of the hardscape
● Planting plan and plant selection
● Fencing Plan
● Irrigation Plan
Lighting Plan

Working with other professionals? We are happy to partner with your:

● Architect
● Civil Engineer
● Conservation Committee
● Town Board
● Home Builder/Contractor

Your Landscape Design Contract will Include Clearly Defined Milestones

Site Analysis and the Landscape Plan

We evaluate and document all site details of your property to summarize the existing conditions including sun, shade, slopes, trees, and buildings. Topographical measurements are taken to accurately design water features and final elevations of steps and walls. We synthesize all of this data into a Landscape Plan, which is the starting point for the design process.

Schematic Design

Through the creative process, we marry the realities of the Base Plan with your needs and goals. We generate preliminary sketches and ideas that show layout options, synthesizing all of the data. At this point in the process, we do not define materials or plants: the goal is to lay out the structure of the property before diving into the next levels of garden detail. Your feedback guides the final direction of your Master Design Plan.

Final Landscape Design Plan

Incorporating your input and changes, we finalize the layout and specify the materials to be used for the hardscape on the project. Our drawings illustrate all landscape design elements needed to alter the existing site and all materials for pricing and building purposes. This could include generating a Fencing Plan, Lighting Plan, Irrigation Plan, and other germane plans.

Landscape Plants and Your Planting Plan

Our team designs a coordinated planting plan that knits together with the hardscape features. Often referred to as the “softscape,” our planting designs bring color, texture, and magic, enlivening and softening the hard surfaces.

Project Cost Contract

As the Project Manager on our projects, we issue an Installation Contract with comprehensive pricing for landscape construction and project management services to be provided by Christie Dustman & Company.

Contact us for a plan that reflects the way you want to live in your garden.

“Believer in the holy ordinary, the magic of mark making and the power of presence.”
– Betsy Cañas Garmon

Let's create a garden that feels like home.



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