Step One – Landscape Consultation

Step One –  Design Consultation

Step Two –  Design Plan

Step Three –  Installation

Step Four –  Maintenance

Walkways that lead nowhere, plants that have lost their bloom, spaces that no longer work for the way you live. You know you could be enjoying your yard and garden more, but lack the expertise to devise a sensible and meaningful plan.

During the generous hour-long landscape design consultation, we discuss what is working, what needs to go, what problems need to be solved, and what your goals are for the project. This lively brainstorming session illuminates and demystifies garden design, and offers a range of ideas and solutions. Our goal is to discuss the tangible aspects of your property (like that pesky slope or water in the basement) and to keenly listen for what you most desire. Together we envision and articulate the goals you want to capture and solve in your Landscape Design Plan. We follow up our meeting with a written Design Plan Contract that lists the goals for your Plan and outlines the design process and deliverables. There is a flat fee of $175 for this meeting which includes a subsequent Design Plan Contract.

When the Design Plan Contract is signed, you will be paired with an expert Landscape Designer who will work in concert with Christie to achieve your vision.

Take a look at our portfolio of stunning garden designs. Then, let’s get started on creating a garden unique to you, a garden that feels like home.

To prepare for your Consultation, we suggest printing and answering the “Getting Started Questionnaire” first so we can be on the same
page during our meeting.

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” – Claude Monet


Let's create a garden that feels like home.



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