Gardening Maintenance Service

Step One –  Design Consultation

Step Two –  Design Plan

Step Three –  Installation

Step Four –  Maintenance

Garden Maintenance Services in Boston

Effective Communication

We believe that our partnership with you and your garden can only succeed with clear communication and expectations. An email confirms each scheduled service date and we often walk through the garden with you on the date of service, identifying needed tasks. Some clients prefer to communicate through email only in which case we can address any issues sent to us in advance. The give-and-take of information about salient issues with your outdoor space is paramount.

Some of our clients enjoy learning as much as possible about the unique needs of every plant in the garden and find their care a rewarding new passion, but many ask for our continued help. Pruning, perennial care, lawn care and troubleshooting (and weed control!) are all important tasks, almost year-round. Your garden is nature’s artwork that continues to grow and mature. To keep it looking its best, it must be guided and shaped. We’re your dedicated partners whether you have contracted with us for gardening services on a regular basis or as needed.

Expert Gardening Services

Every woody shrub or tree has individual needs. Each of our professional landscapers has a trained gardener’s eye, seeing what each plant in your garden space requires and judiciously caring for it. This means we individually prune and guide each plant rather than indiscriminately shear all plants to keep them the same size as the last visit.

Guiding a Maturing Garden

We see a garden as more than the sum of its individual parts. As it matures, proportion, balance and crowding are important to modulate. This means we are always thinking about the overall size of major plants, flowering beds and the dynamics between perennials with different growth habits. We are uniquely qualified to manage these horticulturally sophisticated considerations.

Personalized Garden Maintenance Plans

We match our garden maintenance services to your budget and your garden’s needs, visiting most of our maintenance clients every four weeks. At certain times of the year (especially during the growing season) there are more tasks to accomplish. For some clients, we come biweekly, only twice per year, in the spring and fall, or just for pruning services. Your landscape maintenance contract is individual to your garden, what you want to accomplish and your budget, and identifies the goals for each visit and the pricing that follows accordingly.

Maintaining Gardens Designed by Someone Else

We work with other landscape designers to plant and maintain their creations in collaboration with their clients. We are honored to work on our colleagues’ projects and help shepherd their original design intent.

One-on-One Garden Mentoring

Our Garden Mentoring service can help you no matter what your experience level, or where you’ve gardened before. By working side-by-side with one of our gardening experts, we will show you our hands-on pruning techniques, for instance, and help you understand our decision-making process. It’s much easier to learn from a partner in the garden than from a book. Get dressed to work in your own garden and we’ll see you there!

Beautiful gardens don’t happen by magic. Let us help you maintain your plants all year round.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”
– Margaret Atwood

Let's create a garden that feels like home.



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