Perhaps it’s because I studied at RISD where things tended to be unconventionally creative, or perhaps it’s because I gravitate towards all things nostalgic, but when someone (such as an interior designer, homeowner, architect or city planner) successfully blends the past with the present and pays homage to what came before in a beautiful and thoughtful way, I get very excited. (Yes folks, after seven blog entries, we’ve all come to the realization that I’m a little quirky when it comes to appreciating elements in the landscape!)

As we know from previous entries, good design makes me exceedingly happy, but in addition, good design that successfully incorporates things from the past is also something that I appreciate very much.

Preserving the Past for Exquisite Design

Call it what you will: “adaptive reuse”, “reclaimed materials”, “historic preservation”, “the greening of America”, but preserving key elements from the past is definitely a plus in good design.

Successfully blending the past with the present may take a little more time and effort in the short run, but the final product (nine times out of ten) is much more rich and dynamic since it includes historic character.

Embracing Boston’s Historic Treasures

Here in the greater Boston area, we are fortunate to be surrounded by things of great historic and lasting value such as The Boston Garden, The Boston Common, The Arnold Arboretum, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Harvard University, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Boston Public Library, The Esplanade, etc etc etc.

Crafting Timeless Outdoor Spaces

At our landscape design company, we specialize in creating outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, and our landscape lighting design services can help accentuate the beauty of these historic landmarks while creating a stunning ambiance.

We also offer modern garden design services that incorporate sustainable and contemporary elements to complement historic landmarks and pay homage to the past while embracing the future.

I sincerely tip my hat to those who are (and have been) stewards of the landscape (and architecture) in our fair city. We are lucky to have these folks in our midst as are the people in forthcoming generations.

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