Elite Boston Garden Design

Your garden space should be your outdoor oasis, an inviting destination for family dinners, playtime with children, and gatherings with friends. This is the essence of a Christie Dustman & Company landscape design.

We Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

A successful garden is one that engages all our senses and requires a well-considered garden plan and an experienced landscape designer. The CD & Co team will design your outdoor space as a cohesive ecosystem, lushly planted, uniquely beautiful, and practical in ways that you may not have considered. Our professional garden designs offer a road map to take you from your initial thoughts and ideas to the final touches – and the process doesn’t end until we see you firing up the grill!

Our Expert Landscape Designers Can Help

Competent to handle the most challenging of sites, Christie Dustman & Company landscape designers understand working with slopes, water problems, sun/shade conditions, concurrent construction, and both urban and larger properties. Our expert team of landscape designers hone in on what is needed, solving problems and designing all aspects of your project, from the large structural challenges, down to those special touches; from stone walls, paths, selecting native plants, and fencing, down to the spring bulb that peeks through the snow. Passionate about native and ornamental plants well suited to New England and the Boston area, you can be sure that the final plan will reflect you and the way you want to live in your outdoor home.

CD & Co Design Team works with other Design professions such as:

● Architects
● Civil Engineers
● Conservation Committees
● Town Boards
● Home Builders/Contractors

CD & Co Design Team can provide a Master Plan including:

● Existing conditions and removals
● Layout Plan labeled with all materials
● Grading and water management plan
● Spot grades for egresses and all parts of the hardscape
● Planting plan
● Fencing Plan
● Irrigation Plan
● Lighting Plan

We’re eager to hear your garden vision. Let’s create a beautiful garden design together.

“Deep within each one of us lies a garden.” – Julie Moir Messervy

Let's create a garden that feels like home.



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