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Christie Dustman is one of the greater Boston area’s most popular and engaging speakers, available for lectures, group classes, gardening courses, and speaking opportunities. An experienced teacher, she is a lifelong gardener and an in-demand garden designer known for her artistic vision. Christie inspires her audiences with her passion for aesthetic planting design and her love of things that grow, even confiding that “some of her best friends are plants.”

Says Christie: “My goal when teaching or speaking to groups is to make the information accessible, visually impactful, practical, and memorable. Rather than show a lot of pretty photos, I use images to illustrate the thought process behind why I do what I do- always with a dash of humor. I try to give an experiential and engaging lecture rather than a travelogue. I love plants; I love satisfying design; I love the feeling of “ahhh – this is just right” in a garden. I share my design ideas and plant passion, strategies and successes, and missteps and failures to engage my listeners and give a richer educational experience to my audience.”

Christie’s lectures and multi-session classes are appropriate for garden clubs, Master Gardener and horticulture programs, library gatherings, nurseries, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Always willing to customize a lecture or garden design course, Christie can also lead hands-on outdoor classes on pruning.

Christie believes that with accurate and constructive information, anyone can unlock the door to a satisfying and long-lived hobby.

Example Class Topics

● Keys To Planning Your Outdoor Space
● The Art & Science Of Pruning
● Getting To Know The Misunderstood Conifer
● Japanese Inspired Gardens

Motivated to share her knowledge and empower gardeners, Christie will discuss an appropriate fee for each opportunity. Call to ask. Virtual lectures and in-person appearances can be arranged.

There’s a lot to learn about the art and science of creating a beautiful garden. Let Christie inspire you!

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”
– Vincent van Gogh

Let's create a garden that feels like home.



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