Recently, I was asked to be on a Career Day panel.  One of the questions posed to the business owners was the title of this blog – When did I first feel successful?   Sure, I have successes to point at – being featured in The Boston Globe, winning design awards, etc.  But one day long ago stands out in my mind as a real game changer:  the day my Clients dug up their front yard to install my planting plan.

I was new in business, and my drawn plans were largely theoretical.  This was going to be one of the first to be implemented.  It was nothing less than shocking to witness perfectly sane people digging up their lawns because I asked them to.   I felt a mix of terror and exhilaration that day.

What happens when rubber hits the road?   Would my ideas look as good in real life as they did on paper?  Maybe the paper ideas were worthless, and I was fooling them and myself.  It was a crisis of confidence.  I am happy to report that the new plants and beds looked pretty good – still do, ‘til this day.

This memory reminds me that I am entrusted in such a stunning way by my clients.  In the end, I was personally successful that day, but more so, it was the success of our mutual trust that triumphed.  My ideas are just that, ideas on paper until someone believes in me and my vision and in the potential for a wonderful new reality:  a garden.  Together, we are successful garden makers.

Christie Dustman

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